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CEM : Soul

Christianity Explored Ministries:

Discover Soul, the seven part DVD series from Christianity Explored Ministries. Presented by Nate Morgan Locke and filmed on location around the United Kingdom, the new series will challenge you to:

  • – See why Jesus died
  • – Discover the truth of Jesus rising from the dead
  • – Explore the identity, mission and call of Jesus

Soul is written for a generation unfamiliar with the Christian message. It is structured in line with the main Christianity Explored course but is primarily designed to work with CY, the Christianity Explored Youth Edition.

Christian Life Fellowship is currently running the Soul course in liaison with REAL Youth. However, we are always looking for further interest to pursue further sessions. If you are interested in learning more about Soul please visit their webpage at or the Christianity Explored Ministries page at

If you are however interested in joining an upcoming Soul study please feel free to fill out the attached contact form by clicking on the tab above and we will endeavour to respond to you with further information as soon as possible.

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